Euro 2.0 makeathon: 29-31 July

We’re ready to evolve money to its new form. A digital form based on a public blockchain. When successful, it will open a new dimension of possibilities how technology can be used  to interact with money in our everyday lives. This makeathon is a start.

What it is?

The fastest and easiest way to bring about the future … is to build it. Most of the components of the technology for a blockchain based public monetary system are now in place. Many countries are piloting various approaches – see Bank of England and Canada for recent announcements.

The objective of Euro 2.0 is to build up open source infrastructure of blockchain-based Euro currency linked to the strong authentication of the ID scheme in Estonia. We are a unique country in the world, for having a widely used government sponsored digital ID system. This allows us to uniquely solve some of the biggest practical blockers with cryptocurrencies. See this blog post for an introduction.

The further goal of the Euro 2.0 infrastructure is to become officially supported and maintained by the state. Given the technology is new and great things don’t happen overnight, we’ll have to go through stages:

  1. Developmental. Until early 2017. Building infrastructure, live releases managed by engineers.
  2. Foundational. 2017-2018. Fully functional implementation, governmental functions managed by a foundation.
  3. Governmental. 2019-… Monetary supply, law enforcement, privacy, finality managed by the same Estonian government agencies, who manage fiat currency.


How will it work?

We’re organising two makeathons over the summer, end of July and mid-September for contributing local engineers in Estonia and external blockchain/ethereum experts. The objective of these is to build up the groundwork for the open source components.

The first one will be Friday 29th July evening 5pm start to Sunday lunchtime at an undisclosed location not far from Tallinn.


The makeathon is strictly engineers only and limited attendance (~15). We are looking for contributors to join, with experience in:

  • software building, preferably open source
  • cryptography, especially Estonian ID card stack
  • unboxing-level experience with Ethereum

Sign up

To join the makeathon

  1. Leave your name and email on the signup form

  2. Send 0.001 ETH (~1 Euro cent) to this address: 0xf69d873d7f5e8988d4abb76e3f5d3d0e2b0f807a. It will be refunded.


Friday, 29th July 2016

5pm – 6pm Kickoff

objectives (how to measure success, expected outcomes)
organisation (foundation, license)
weekend scope & out of scope

6pm – 7:30pm Technical

logical layout
preferred stack

7:30pm – 9pm Dinner
9pm – 9:15pm Team formation


Saturday, 30th July 2016


8:30 – 9:30 Breakfast
10am – 1pm Making in teams
1pm – 1:30pm Update on architecture, stack, design decisions
1:30pm – 2:30pm Lunch
3pm – 6pm Making in teams
6pm – 6:30 Update on architecture, stack, design decisions
6:30 – 8pm Free time
8pm – 9pm Dinner
9pm – … casual hacking, free time


Sunday, 31st July 2016


8:30 – 9:30 Breakfast
10am – 1pm Making in teams
1pm – 2pm Update on architecture, stack, design decisions
Next steps
2pm – 3pm Lunch
3pm Signoff