The future of money may be in the ether

Two years ago I got very excited by the idea that it will be possible to decentralise the handling of money in my small country Estonia. I’m not talking about geeky bitcoins, but the real Euros. I wrote this blogpost, chatted with bitcoin people this and the other side of the Atlantic. At the time it certainly felt do-able, but needed quite a bit of technical and cryptographic wizardry.

Now we have the Ethereum programmable blockchain. It took me a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to successfully implement a central mint and a monetary system using a public recipe, together with necessary enforcement controls to tackle money laundering and other bad things.


Tour d’Atlas 1 of 2 – cycling in Morocco

Andalusia, Corsica, Sardinia, Côte d’Azur, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Valencia – these have been the past destinations of our spring cycling week. Group of 10 friends open the season somewhere warm with a self organised trip.

The destination has to be warm enough and mountainous. This time it was going to be just three of us and we decided to go off the beaten track – the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. (more…)

The end is the beginning of the next

Leg 2 of what now seems to become a Tour d’Afrique is finished. We’ve been back in the civilisation now for a week and the final traces of red African dirt are leaving the lungs, nostrils, hair and other bodily hiding places.

The bikes are stored in Libreville, waiting for the opportunity to present itself to continue to trip south to the Congo river jungle, steppes of Angola towards the deserts of Namibia. (more…)

Fauna of the Southern Hemisphere

Libreville, the capital with 300,000 people, is like a little island built on the river estuary. There is one shitty road connecting it with the rest of Gabon, one way in and out of the city. Apparently the second largest city, Port-Gentil, doesn’t even have a single road getting to it and only way to move in and out is by boat. In spite of its isolation, or perhaps thanks to it, Libreville feels quite relaxed and European. (more…)