Lazy in Lagos

Nigeria is a zoo,” says Genebahaga. He is an 18 year old security guard at my friends house, where we are staying in Lagos. He is frustrated with the state, where some people are filthy rich and the majority of the 180m dirt poor. There is nowhere to go. He shows me his mathematics book, he is studying differential equations for the exams to get into the university and study medicine or biotechnics. He doesn’t yet have the €70 needed for exams. (more…)

Lagos: Suusi ja Kotilda vabastamine

Nad istuvad praegu Lagose sadama tollis kinni,vineerist kastis, juba detsembri algusest saati. Me ise jõudsime siia sel esmaspäeval. Esimese asjana tuli leida agent, kes neid vabastada aitaks. Kohalik eestlasest motodepoo omanik rääkis, et kõige kauem on sellise vabastusaktsiooniga pool aastat läinud. Meie agent lubas mõne päevaga asja ära korraldada. Aga. (more…)

Send off. Wheels first

In 2002, just after my 22nd birthday we took a trip to the south, my friend Juce, my brother and I. We drove my old Mazda 626 from Tallinn to Gibraltar and then continued on foot into Africa. We hitchhiked onto trucks, little peugeots and scooters. We got as far as southern Morocco, to the town of Tarfaya. We made some friends along the way. (more…)