Only as good as your teacher

In 20 years time the predictions suggest that we have conquered most diseases with nanobots that slush around in our bloodstream. People aren’t allowed on highways, because they disturb the self driving cars. The virtual reality that is beamed onto our retina from smart glasses is 100% same as the reality.

The people, who will create this world are leaving school today. Some of these youngsters will get involved in designing and creating this world, others will learn to get by. Some will not be prepared for that new world at all.

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DIY video bridge with Hangouts

Startup teams are often distributed these days. If you have chosen the path of being in multiple locations you want to make sure, that everyone still feels being part of the same team and culture.  One of the no-brainers in addition to airmiles is to invest in video calling and linking up the offices with an always-on video bridge. Read More

Why governments don’t want to regulate bitcoin

Forgetting for a second that we live in a real world, I would argue that  Bitcoin has been the single most important invention on the internet since our ability to follow lives of celebrities in short messages of 140 characters. Unfortunately it feels that in the real world we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Recently I was among a few dozen central bankers across Europe together in an event and I could not help asking in a more informal setting, how do they think about Bitcoin? From what I hear, there are good reasons to disagree with economist Simon Johnson, who argues that goverments want to suppress bitcoin. Read More